25 Travers book cover

“A race as rich as the Travers demands that its lore be documented with equal style. What better wordsmith than Vic Zast and artist than Greg Montgomery to delve into the tapestry of this American thoroughbred classic?”

— John Pricci, veteran turf writer
and television handicapper,
executive editor of HorseRaceInsider.com


Greg Montgomery’s
Historic Travers Posters

Year after year, visitors to and citizens of Saratoga Springs are treated to a new Greg Montgomery Travers poster. But rarely has anyone witnessed the complete collection—the longest continuing series of sporting art in the world—until now.

Each of the Montgomery posters is accompanied by the artist’s explanation of how he came to creating the image. Here are some of the artist’s favorites from “The History and Art of 25 Travers.” For more, visit GregMontgomery.com